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Masseter Botox Does All That?! 5 Shocking Facts About Jaw Botox

You already know Botox can smooth wrinkles, but did you know Botox to the masseter muscle (also known as jaw Botox) can improve the shape of your jawline? This type of Botox gets injected into your masseter muscle to relax it. The result is a slimmer, more feminine-looking face shape.  

Botox is a highly versatile treatment that can transform your appearance without the risk or discomfort associated with aesthetic surgery. Face slimming Botox isn’t quite as well-known as forehead or lip Botox. However, it can deliver similarly dramatic results. It can give you a more sculpted jawline and make your face look less bulky. It can also offer a few unexpected benefits that might surprise you. Here’s what to know about this remarkable treatment.  

What Is Jaw Botox?

You have masseter muscles on either side of your jaw. They connect the jawbone to the temporomandibular joints in front of your ears. These muscles do all the heavy lifting when chewing food or clenching your jaw. They consist of both deep and superficial muscles. 

When the masseter muscles become too tight and tense, they can add bulk to the jawline and make your face look boxy. They can also contribute to problems like temporomandibular disorder (TMD), teeth grinding, and headaches. Many people don’t realize they can minimize these problems by getting Botox to the masseter muscle. 

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5 Shocking Benefits of Jaw Botox

Masseter muscle Botox isn’t just for aesthetic improvement. It can also improve your health and quality of life in incredible ways. Here are five shocking benefits jawline Botox can offer you. 

1. Slimmer Jawline
a woman with a sleek jawline profile

Botox injections into the masseter muscle help slim the jawline by decreasing tension and bulk. If you have a masculine, square jawline, it could be due to overly tight masseter muscles. Consider getting Botox injections into your masseter muscles to achieve a slimmer, more feminine oval shape. In addition to making your face look softer and more attractive, Botox jawline injections can also help you look more youthful. 

Decreased Teeth Grinding

Many people grind their teeth when they’re sleeping or feeling stressed out. It’s easier for people to stop grinding their teeth when they know they’re doing it. However, nighttime teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) is notoriously difficult to combat. After all, you can’t stop a behavior if you only do it while you’re sleeping. 

Your doctor or dentist can tell you if you’re unknowingly grinding your teeth at night. This behavior usually leads to noticeable symptoms such as ground-down teeth or pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). If you’re experiencing recurrent headaches and tooth pain, those could also indicate excessive teeth grinding.

Botox to the masseter muscle can combat teeth grinding by preventing the targeted muscle from tensing up. When the masseters stay relaxed, your risk of bruxism goes down. Additionally, you’ll likely feel less dental discomfort. Botox may be beneficial when other teeth-grinding treatments fail to reduce nighttime bruxism.  

3. Reduced Teeth Clenching
a woman smiling showing her teeth

Perhaps you don’t grind your teeth back and forth, but you might have difficulty clenching your teeth in response to stressful situations. Though teeth clenching is generally not quite as damaging as teeth grinding, it’s still not a good habit to form. Clenched teeth can stress the TMJ excessively and lead to facial and tooth pain. 

Fortunately, Botox’s effect on masseter muscle clenching can be significant. As with teeth grinding, Botox reduces clenching by relaxing the masseter muscles so they can’t tense up too much. It decreases the nerve signals your brain sends to the muscle in response to stress or anger.  

4. Improved TMJ Symptoms

TMJ disorders are relatively common, especially among women. They can lead to tenderness and pain along the jaw. They can also cause annoying clicking sounds when the jaw opens or closes. Some TMJ problems can also cause tinnitus, which is when you hear ringing in one or both ears. In severe cases, TMJ disorders can result in lockjaw, when the jaw becomes stuck in a closed or partially open position. 

See medical attention if you have severe issues with one or both of your temporomandibular joints. However, if your problems are mild to moderate, Botox to the masseter muscle may help. 

5. Reduced Headaches
someone holding their head

It’s no secret that excess muscle tension can cause discomfort in various parts of the body. When your masseter muscles become too tight, they can cause headaches. Even though these muscles are relatively small compared to some other muscles in the body, they can cause significant head pain. 

If you experience frequent headaches that don’t respond to traditional treatments, consider trying masseter muscle Botox. You may notice a dramatic decrease in your symptoms once your muscles relax a bit. 

Masseter Botox Before and After*

Wondering what masseter muscle Botox can do for you? Look at before and after photos of patients to see real treatment results. You’ll see the dramatic difference jaw Botox treatment can make to the shape of the jawline. Many patients experience similar results. However, it’s important to note that individual results may vary, as with all aesthetic treatments.* 

Is Jaw Botox Right for You?

Jawline Botox may not be the right treatment for everyone. If you’re happy with the way your jawline looks, you might not want to try this procedure. However, if you want a softer, less masculine jawline, Botox to the masseter muscle may be just what you need. It’s also a great option for those with frequent headaches, TMJ disorders, or problems with teeth grinding or clenching.   

How to Prepare for Masseter Botox

Before receiving face-slimming Botox, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with a professional. They’ll ask about your treatment goals and analyze your face shape. Then, they’ll determine how many syringes you need and where the injection sites should be. This consultation is essential for helping your provider determine how to provide the best treatment outcome. 

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What to Expect During Your Masseter Botox Appointment

During your Botox for jawline appointment, your provider will clean the treatment site thoroughly. This will reduce your risk of infection. Then, they’ll place a topical anesthetic on the area to minimize your discomfort. 

When you’re sufficiently numb, your provider will inject the appropriate amount of botulinum toxin into your masseter muscle. It’s natural to feel a slight pinching sensation as the needle goes into your skin. The entire procedure should last around 15 minutes.  

Jaw Botox Aftercare Tips

After receiving Botox to the masseter muscle, you may notice some localized soreness and swelling. This is normal and should subside within a few days. After about a week, you should notice the full results of your treatment. To aid your recovery process, follow these aftercare tips:

To maintain your results, consider receiving maintenance jaw Botox treatments. Many people choose to repeat the procedure approximately every six months. 

Get a Slimmer Profile With Jaw Botox

There’s nothing wrong with having a strong, square jaw. However, consider getting Botox in the jawline if you prefer a more rounded facial appearance. This quick, safe, and effective treatment can transform the shape of your jawline. As already discussed, it can also provide many other impressive health benefits. To soften your facial appearance and enjoy a more youthful look, schedule Jaw Botox in Beverly Hills. Contact Emana Medical at 310-878-4321 to set up your appointment. 

Dr. Eman Abdallah
I am a board-certified physician specializing in Aesthetics, Anti-aging, and Laser surgery. With a keen eye for perfection, I excel in non-surgical and minimally invasive facial and body enhancement procedures. Known as a modern-day beauty magician, I love to deliver instant WOW factor to my clients, creating contoured facial features that appear natural. I strive to stay up-to-date with the latest beauty trends and advancements, offering advanced cosmetic procedures using Botox, fillers, threads, plasma, and more. Additionally, I provide personalized skincare solutions through my medical-grade skincare line, EMANA Medical Skincare.


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