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Improve intimate health and treat urinary incontinence for optimal wellness and boosted confidence.
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Emfemme 360 In Beverly Hills, CA

For Vaginal Rejuvenation, Vaginal Tightening, and Urinary Incontinence

Emfemme 360 treatments are a simple solution for significant feminine issues. Using powerful radiofrequency energy, Emfemme addresses women’s health concerns, including vaginal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, urinary incontinence, pain relief, and more. Treatments rejuvenate and restore, allowing women to regain the confidence they deserve.

If you are dealing with feminine issues and want to experience vaginal rejuvenation, Emfemme in Beverly Hills may be your solution. Learn more about Emfemme and how it can help address, treat, and resolve these common wellness concerns. Call Emana Medical today at (310) 878-4321 to schedule your consultation and learn how this simple RF treatment can improve your body and intimate health.

Benefits of Emfemme 360

Understanding How Emfemme Vaginal Rejuvenation Works

Emfemme 360 is a short and convenient treatment. It delivers powerful 360 volumetric heating to the target treatment area. It is the fastest and shortest radio frequency treatment available today, at just eight short minutes for big improvements. In addition, it increases local blood circulation, relieves muscle pain, relaxes vaginal muscles, and induces vaginal restoration.

Emfemme is considered an exciting and revolutionary treatment for women as it provides complete vaginal rejuvenation, including labial reduction and vaginal tightening, while also decreasing the diameter of the vaginal opening and canal and improving lubrication and sensation, making it easier to experience sexual pleasure.

Best of all, it quickly addresses feminine health concerns like urinary incontinence.

What to Expect During an Emfemme Treatment

During treatments, the doctor applies a water-based gel to the skin of the labia. Radiofrequency energy is delivered to the area using a specific handheld device as it moves across the treatment area. A special adapter is used to treat the entire vaginal canal.

Emfemme treatments heat the target area using homogeneous 360 volumetric heating. Clients experience a warm, comfortable warming during the treatment. Afterward, you may experience some slight redness or swelling. These effects are normal and will go away independently within a few hours of the treatment’s completion.

Your treatment plan is based on your specific feminine concerns. You can receive 3 total treatments per week, depending on the unique details of your treatment plan.

Most people experience improvements to their vaginal health, including positive improvements in vaginal tightness. In addition, most people will also experience improvements in urinary incontinence and other feminine concerns, including pain. Most people experience improvements after just one Emfemme treatment. Since Emfemme is a progressive treatment, you will continue experiencing improvements in your intimate health for weeks after your treatment plan is complete.

Experience the Pelvic Power

The Pelvic Power is the first and only therapy combining Emfemme 360 and Emsella. This energy combination improves women’s health by restoring neuromuscular control, strengthening the pelvic floor, increasing blood flow, and relieving pain and muscle spasms.

Emsella is another BTL treatment that addresses urinary incontinence, both stress and urge incontinence. Combining Emsella with Emfemme 360, you experience the most comprehensive way to improve your pelvic floor and alleviate common concerns.

Emana Medical is proud to offer both Emsella and Emfemme 360 to our clients in Beverly Hills, CA.

Emfemme Treatments with Expert Dr. Eman

Dr. Eman poses at the front desk of Emana Medical wearing a black shirt and jacket.

Dr. Eman is dedicated to ensuring her patients benefit from the latest non-surgical and non-invasive technology advancements. She offers Emfemme treatments to patients to help them achieve sexual wellness and improve their quality of life.

All of Dr. Eman’s patients are treated with respect, understanding, and her full attention. Your treatments are customized according to your specific needs to provide the most beneficial experience. If you’re ready to learn more, contact Dr. Eman’s luxury medical spa in Beverly Hills, Emana Medical, to schedule your initial consultation now.

Emfemme FAQs

Who is the best candidate for Emfemme treatments?

Emfemme treatments are good for women who want to experience an easy, nonsurgical solution for specific wellness concerns regarding vaginal health like laxity, incontinence, and pain. It is also an excellent treatment for women struggling with other post-menopause symptoms. If you are unsure about your candidacy, contact the experts at Emana Medical. During your visit, you can speak with our knowledgeable professionals, who will determine if this simple solution is the best answer to your wellness concerns. If this is a good treatment, our experts create the best treatment plan to address your circumstances.

How many Emfemme treatments do I need?

The number of treatments you need will vary based on your specific needs. Some people are able to receive three treatments per week. When you come in for a consultation, Emana Medical’s team determines the exact number of treatments you need to achieve optimal results.

Does Emfemme hurt?

Emfemme is virtually painless. During treatments, you may feel a slight warming sensation. This sensation is described as being a gentle heating that is enjoyable. You can discuss this with your specialist during your initial consultation.

When will I notice Emfemme results?

Most people experience improvements in vaginal health concerns after just one Emfemme treatment.

How does Emfemme treat vaginal laxity?

Vaginal laxity typically occurs after trauma and the stretching of the vagina. This usually happens during childbirth. Having more than one child makes developing these issues even more likely. In a short 8, sometimes 16, minute treatment Emfemme 360 delivers RF energy to the entire inner circumference of the treatment area via an internal probe that provides 360-degree treatment to the vaginal wall.

The tip of the Emfemme 360 applicator emits heat, triggering the body’s collagen growth process and tightening the area. The second attachment applies heat to the vulvar area, treating the labial folds and stimulating collagen production—allowing the labial skin to lift and tighten for a more restored and youthful appearance.

Experience Emfemme 360 in Beverly Hills

Whether you want to achieve vaginal tightening and rejuvenation or you want to improve urinary incontinence and vaginal pain, Emfemme 360 can help. Contact Emana Medical today to learn more about this innovative treatment in women’s health and how it treats many concerns. Emana Medical is proud to be a leading provider of this popular feminine health treatment in Beverly Hills, CA. Call us now at (310) 878-4321 to schedule your consultation and learn how Emfemme 360 can help improve your intimate wellness.



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