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We would like to thank you for choosing Emana Medical for your medical and aesthetic needs. As one of our clients we would like to keep you informed of the current office and financial policies.


To make an appointment, please contact us directly by calling 310-878-4321. A $150 deposit is required for new clients when booking for any service and will be applied to the services rendered during your initial visit. Recurring clients will not have to pay a deposit but will be required to have a credit card on file. Emana Medical upholds this deposit policy in an effort to continue maintaining the utmost quality and services we provide.

When using a 3rd party company or individual to book your appointment, you will still be held to the same policies set forth in this agreement.


Your appointment is reserved exclusively for you. We require a 24-hour notice for canceling or rescheduling of any appointment. Appointments scheduled for Monday must be cancelled/rescheduled by 3 pm on Friday in order to avoid cancellation fees.
Missed appointments represent a cost to us, to you and to other clients who could have been seen in the time set aside for you. There is a charge of minimum of $150.00 for missed or late cancelled appointments. Missed or late cancellation of an appointment is subject to a charge based on the amount of time and the treatment that was scheduled, ranging from $150 – $500, to the discretion of the clinic. Excessive abuse of scheduled appointments may result in discharge from the practice.  Deposits made are non-refundable for missed appointments or cancellations made past the 24-hour window prior to your scheduled appointment. By scheduling an appointment, you are agreeing to our cancellation policy.


Our scheduling is designed to permit the correct amount of time to complete your service. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment, so you’ll have plenty of time to unwind and do any paperwork that may be required.  A late arrival will deprive you of precious treatment time. In fairness to others, your treatment must end on time so the next patient’s session can begin on time. If you are not able to be on time we will do our best to complete as much of your treatment as possible. With some treatments, it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment. Depending on the treatment, if you are late over 15 minutes, our providers reserve the right to cancel your appointment if they are unable to accommodate due to cutting into other patient appointments, and your credit card will be charged accordingly. We value and respect our clients & practitioners time and appreciate your understanding regarding our booking policy.


As a courtesy to our clients, we will send you a text message and/or email reminder 48 hours, 24 hours, and 2 hours prior to the scheduled service. If you choose not to provide us with your cell phone number or email, we are unable to offer you a reminder. If you opt out of receiving reminders or confirmation emails/texts/calls, then you are aware that there is important information provided that you will miss out on prior to your appointment and are accepting our terms and conditions as set forth in our office policies. Should the appointment reminder system fail for any reason and you do not receive an appointment reminder, it is still your responsibility to manage your appointment and adhere to the cancellation policy.

All scheduled appointments will be confirmed 1-2 days in advance by telephone, text or email.

We also recommend that you schedule future appointments in advance to ensure your preferred time is available as appointments fill up quickly.

Scheduling an appointment with us is your acceptance of these policies.


We ask respectfully, that you do not bring any guests to your appointment, including your pets or children.  We work with sharp instruments and chemical solutions, and would want to avoid accidents involving other guests, children, or pets. We want all our patrons to be comfortable and safe during their experience at Emana Medical.  Also, oftentimes guests tend to hijack your appointment by asking questions related to themselves; and we ask that if any one you know would like a consultation, to establish as a patient and schedule alongside your appointment if you desire.  Please plan accordingly for pet or childcare during your service. Patients bringing their pets to an appointment will be subject to cancellation upon arrival and will lose their deposit.  Our waiting room is currently open to booked clients only. Thank you for your understanding.

If a guest is accepted into your appointment time to accompany you, we will need to collect their personal information and ID card to enter into the system. The guest may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and or a copy of our office policies for us to protect our privacy and trade secrets.  There is absolutely no filming or photography allowed by any guest before, during, or after the patient’s experience in our clinic; this includes but is not limited to: our products, devices, treatment rooms, waiting room, hallways, supplies, techniques, treatments, office-use medications, staff, etc…

When you allow a guest to accompany you at your treatment, you are releasing us from any privacy concerns or HIPAA with respect to that individual. It is and will be implied that you are allowing your medical information to be shared with that individual just by he/she/them being present and/or if they at any point become involved in the decision making or your treatment.  Furthermore, if you scheduled or managed your appointment via a third party and then choose to have that third party individual communicate with us before, during or after your treatment, then the same release of privacy and HIPAA applies to that individual as well.


Patients must book their services accordingly. Unless recommended by one of our providers, holding off on any services you book for will subject you to a service overbooking fee that will be determined accordingly at the time. For example, booking for Botox and Fillers, and then deciding during your appointment that you would only like to do Botox is unfair to our business, as other clients would have been booked during that lost time.  Furthermore, book accordingly before an important event or date, as we are not responsible if you bruise or swell. If you decide to not do the service you booked for because of an upcoming event that you booked too close to, you will be charged for that lost time, as another client could have been seen during that time.


ALL PAYMENT IS EXPECTED AT THE TIME OF SERVICE; however, some services may require a deposit in advance. Emana Medical only accepts cash, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Care CreditTM, and Emana Medical gift cards. Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Gift Certificates are valid for one year from the purchase date.

We do accept Care Credit and depending upon the amount you spend–you can get up to 6 months of 0% interest on your services. Must bring two forms of ID if making a purchase with Care Credit and the Care Credit account must be in your name or we need to have the owner of the account consent to purchase. If you would like to apply for a credit card, please click here to apply. 

Aesthetic procedures are considered “elective” and payment is your responsibility. Your insurance will not be billed for aesthetic procedures, even if you believe they may be covered. Any expenses which may be incurred by medical care you elect to receive outside of this office, such as, but not limited to dissatisfaction of your treatment outcome, will be your sole financial responsibility. If a touch-up treatment is requested/required, you will be responsible for the full cost of that additional treatment. You may request a price quote before treatment. Payment in full for all treatments is required at the time of service and is non-refundable. By paying with a credit card, you hereby certify that you are (1) an authorized user of the credit card, (2) you authorize the Clinic to charge the amount agreed upon to your credit card, and (3) if the charge is declined or reversed by the credit card issuer or network, you agree to pay the Clinic a service charge and to reimburse the Clinic for all reasonable costs of collection. Presenting any form of payment in which you are not an authorized user may be considered fraud and subject to law enforcement notification and prosecution. If an individual other than yourself is paying for your treatment, we will need that individual’s full contact information and a copy of their ID. In that event, you and that individual both agree and accept the full financial and office policies set forward in this agreement and acknowledge that there are no refunds, as outlined. 

Furthermore, you and any other paying party agree to not create or pursue a dispute or chargeback with your credit card company, as you understand that when we collect payment, we are collecting it in good faith in return for a service you knowingly elected to have without force or coercion, or a product you electively purchased. You also understand that trying to threaten the facility or provider with a negative review or a lawyer for a refund by is considered extortion and will be legally pursued by us to the full extent of the law.


We pride ourselves on customizing treatments tailored to each patient and avoid the cookie cutter approach. All treatments and procedures are carried out to the highest possible standard at Emana Medical, however sometimes outcomes do not meet patients’ expectations. Please be aware that full correction is important, and that follow-up touch ups/treatments may be needed to maintain full effects.  With any non-surgical procedure, there is no guarantee to the outcome, and it is at the patient’s own risk that these procedures are undertaken as stated in the written consents as well as any other verbal/oral discussion between the provider and the patient.

Though good results are expected, the possibility and nature of complications cannot be accurately anticipated and there can be no guarantee as expressed or implied either to the success or other result of treatment. We always tell our patients to expect bruising or swelling, and if it does not happen to you, that is a bonus, but does not mean that you will never bruise or swell. 

Be advised that results and duration of treatment is dependent on many factors including but not limited to age, sex, tissue condition, general health and lifestyle conditions, and sun exposure.  Because of this, clinical results will vary per patient, and you will not be guaranteed a set time that any treatment outcome will last.

Before a service is performed, please consider and review all the required protocols and side effects.  Be sure to follow all pre and post care instructions carefully, understanding that this is essential for the success of your outcome.  We are committed to client satisfaction and are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the services we offer before purchase.


All treatments and packages are non-transferable and non-refundable and expire one year from the purchase date. Any unused services in your package will not be refunded.


Our medical grade hair, skincare, and eye treatment products have been curated by top leaders in the industry and specially formulated to meet the standards we desire for our patients.  We feel they are amazing, and we think you’ll enjoy them just as much. We do not accept any returns or exchanges on any products for any reason. Some exceptions may apply. Please call our office with any issues.


Pricing is custom, as each procedure and beauty plan is tailored by Dr. Eman and/or her staff. A custom quote will be provided to you during the time of consultation, and prices are honored up to 30 days from that date.

We are committed to continuously expanding our services to ensure we bring you the latest and greatest technology. Although we make every effort to keep our website, spa menu and/or flyers updated accordingly, please note that prices, services, offers, specials and products are subject to change at any time without notice. Special offers and discounts may not be combined. When presented with more than one discount opportunity, we will automatically give patients the discount of greater value at the time of purchase.

By purchasing a service using a discount, you are in exchange agreeing to have your treatment(s) photographed and/or filmed and to be used by our discretion for advertising and promotional purposes on our website and social media.  Also, promotions and discounted packages will be scheduled with our mid-level providers. Should you require Dr. Eman to perform your treatment, the price will be different.  All services performed by Dr. Eman Abdallah will be customized and priced by her before or at the time of your visit.


Personal belongings are the full responsibility of the spa guest and should be always kept in your possession. Emana Medical is not responsible for lost or damaged items.


We respect your desire to be with a particular treatment provider, but we may not always be able to meet special requests due to illness, vacations, and unforeseen schedule changes.


A physician is not required to use medications/products/devices as the labeling suggests. This is called off-label prescribing/use and is specifically provided for by the FDA.  Many of the aesthetic and wellness treatments are considered off-label and by scheduling an appointment you are consenting to their use and accept any risks or side effects of off-label medications and treatments, even if they might be serious, for the possible help to, and benefit of, your condition.


Providers at Emana Medical will only recommend treatments and procedures that will benefit you specifically and which are medically appropriate for you. It is your responsibility as a patient to disclose a full and accurate personal medical history to include any and all information regarding medical conditions and my use of medications, drugs, herbs, vitamins, or other supplements of any kind. Failure to do so may affect your treatment outcome and increase the likelihood or severity of complications.  Failure to disclose accurate information about my history may be grounds for dismissal from the Clinic. You must disclose if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding to your provider.  You must not be under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol at the time of your visit.


All patients are required to have an appointment with Dr. Eman Abdallah or our Physician Assistant in order to obtain a prescription. A medical evaluation must be performed and it be deemed necessary that you require a prescription medication.  All prescribed medications must be monitored on a monthly basis in order to receive any prescription refills.  We do not prescribe medications blindly, even if you have been on a medication for several months.  Things can change, and regular monitoring with regular discussion and informed consent is necessary to avoid any wrongful use of medications.


We accept and are in network with most commercial PPO insurance plans.  Patients may use their insurance for valid medical related concerns only.  All aesthetic/cosmetic services will not be covered by insurance, nor will they be billed to your insurance, as stated above in the financial policy. If you have an approval for a cosmetic procedure by your insurance, you will be charged up front, and you can provide the receipt/superbill to your insurance provider for reimbursement, and our office will have nothing to do with that process.

Please note that any information we obtain about your insurance benefits may not be the most up to date and, ultimately, it is your responsibility to understand your coverage and contact your insurance company directly for the most up to date information. 

It is important that the insurance patient understand how insurance billing works; insurance companies require us to break down every component of your office visit into universal numerical procedure codes, and charge for each code. The insurance companies will arbitrarily change, combine, and disallow procedure codes and then apply their company’s individual fee schedule. The result is the insurance company’s determination of “reasonable and customary charges” and bill you for your coinsurance and deductible. If we do not have a contract with your insurance carrier, you are responsible for the amount as well as any deductible and coinsurance.

We are required by all insurance carriers to collect from patients any deductible and copayment or coinsurance amounts.  Copays are to be collected at time of visit. In some cases, if you have a deductible, we will determine the estimated charges for which you will be responsible and collect that amount plus your copay, if applicable, at the end of your visit. 


It is your right to post a review on public review sites such as Google and Yelp, whether they are positive or negative. As a business, we are given the ability to reply to reviews.  If in the possible event of a negative review, you falsely narrate details of your visit, or in which our staff of provider has a different view as to what entailed during the appointment, you are giving our staff or provider the right to reply with details of your visit, publicly, as you would have been the one to initiate the exposure of your care, and forgoing the right to your privacy regarding the details of that particular visit. 



Emana Medical has the right to refuse treatment and/or dismiss a client from any service at any time. This can be as a result from but not limited to: excessive scheduling issues, disruptive behavior, mistreatment of our staff, and false expectations from treatments provided. In some instances, you may not be a candidate for certain medical services, and it is at the full discretion of the medical provider to determine whether you are a candidate for any service provided.

*By scheduling an appointment and proceeding at Emana Medical, you are acknowledging that you have read and accept all of the policies of our office as stated above.


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