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Reduce unwanted dimpling in all areas of the body with painless, non-invasive treatments from Emtone.

Cellulite Treatment using EMtone in Beverly Hills, CA

The makers of Emsculpt invented Emtone, a groundbreaking treatment that targets and banishes cellulite. Today, numerous people turn to this non-invasive treatment to achieve smooth, supple skin. The device works well on areas of the body prone to cellulite. Men and women commonly use Emtone to rejuvenate the skin in the arms, buttocks, and legs.
Cellulite is normal and quite common, especially with age. But still, millions feel embarrassed by it. If this sounds like you, it may be worth trying Emtone! Emana Medical is the premier provider of Emtone cellulite reduction treatments in Beverly Hills, CA, and Greater Los Angeles. Contact Dr. Eman at (310) 878-4321 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the revolutionary treatment. Celebrities from all over fly in to see Dr. Eman. Her work does not stop at performing treatments. She coaches and encourages clients to incorporate a comprehensive skincare routine to reap the most significant benefits.

Benefits of Emtone

Emtone Before and After*

While researching Emtone online, you may be curious to see what you can expect from the procedure. These before and after images demonstrate actual results from real patients. Each person has visible improvement in skin texture after their sessions. Of course, as with any cosmetic treatment, results vary per client.* But if you choose an experienced specialist, you will get dimple-free skin in cellulite-prone areas.
*results may vary

Causes of Cellulite

Under your skin, a matrix of tightly woven fibers holds subcutaneous fat in place. When these fibers stretch out or degrade with age, fat cells enlarge. As a result, we see uneven skin texture.
It is a normal aging process for the body to produce less elastin and collagen over the years. Unfortunately, this means more enlarged fat cells and less skin elasticity. This eventually causes cellulite formation.
Another cause of cellulite is not exercising enough and poor circulation. This combination leads to fluid retention, which creates a notorious dimpled appearance on the skin.
For many, cellulite is genetic. This means that you could be doing all the right things: going to the gym, eating well, drinking plenty of water, and still have cellulite. In this case, it is impossible to avoid. The good news is that Emtone steps in to smooth out the skin so it looks more youthful and beautiful.

How Emtone Works

Emtone relies on two technologies to help smooth out cellulite. During your session, a skilled specialist directs radiofrequency (RF) energy and acoustic energy to the treatment site(s). When the energy penetrates the deepest dermis layer, patients experience rejuvenated skin. Research and clinical studies show that acoustic vibrations and thermal heating effectively stimulate the body’s natural therapeutic response.

Emtone works to:

Emtone Treatment Applications

Emtone effectively treats various areas of the body including:

Emtone Results*

Emtone is a non-surgical procedure that triggers your body to create more collagen. The amount of time it takes to see results differs for each person depending on the body’s unique collagen production time frame. The results are not immediate, but they manifest over several weeks. Most patients notice full results by the 12-week mark.
The number of Emtone sessions also varies. Those with mild cellulite may only need one treatment before seeing stunning results. If you have moderate to severe dimpled skin, you may need 2-4 treatments spaced out 1-2 weeks apart. Following your doctor’s recommended treatment plan will ensure top-notch results.
Remember that Emtone is a technique-sensitive procedure. Therefore, not all providers are equal. You must select one with ample experience performing this cellulite reduction treatment to receive an unparalleled outcome.

Combining Emtone with Emsculpt NEO and Evolve

Dr. Eman has a multimodal approach to achieving unmatched beauty results. Though body shaping treatments work well on their own, they can work together to produce even better results for some.
Numerous clients see impressive results by combining Emtone, Emsculpt NEO, and Evolve. Some bodies respond better to one or more of these body contouring solutions. Those who have tried Emsculpt NEO before but were underwhelmed by the results may have better luck combining it with Emtone and/or Evolve.

For example, Emsculpt NEO helps burn fat and build muscle, but Emtone reduces and smooths out the appearance of cellulite. The two offerings are different but work hand-in-hand with one another to deliver comprehensive results. Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Eman and her team to find out which blend will work best for your goals.

Emtone Cost

Emtone cost is different for every patient. Various factors determine the final cost:
Find out how much Emtone will cost you by contacting Emana Medical. Schedule an initial consultation, where you can speak with a specialist and learn if Emtone is right for you. If you are a good candidate, our team can create a unique treatment plan that suits your cosmetic goals and budget.

Emtone Near Me in Beverly Hills, CA

Even the most toned athletes can have cellulite. If dimpled skin puts a damper on your confidence, visit Emana Medical in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Eman and her team will share how Emtone can help reduce your cellulite appearance. We are the premier Emtone provider in Greater Los Angeles. Our clients always feel comfortable and walk out with outstanding results. Call (310) 878-4321 to schedule a consultation.
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