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Lift, tone & rejuvenate your look in a series of 20-minute non-invasive treatments. No downtime is required.
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EMface Non-Surgical Facelift in Beverly Hills, CA

Get A Stunning Non-Surgical Facelift

BTL’s newest aesthetic treatment, EMface, is the only painless way to get a non-invasive, non-surgical facelift. You heard it right—no needles, no toxins, and no downtime! This innovative treatment uses a combination of HIFES and RF energy technology to diminish wrinkles and tone the face. In addition, the procedure boosts facial collagen and elastin production.

If you have been searching for a non-invasive, skin-tightening facelift option, EMface may be perfect for you. Patients achieve a refreshed appearance without pain or a lengthy recovery. Try it for yourself at Emana Medical in Beverly Hills, CA. Call us at (424) 401-7692 to schedule a free consultation.



Are you curious about what you can expect from EMface? The before and after pictures demonstrate why so many people are flocking to this groundbreaking treatment. Personal results vary.* Notice how every patient’s face looks more toned and lifted after the cosmetic procedure. Choose an experienced provider to carry out this new procedure for unparalleled results.
*results may vary


Woman with lifted and smooth skin looking sultry and demonstrating the treatable areas with EMface non-invasive facelift.

The EMFace device is FDA-cleared to treat the following areas and concerns:


BTL is proud to announce that it is launching a new innovative EMFace applicator, seen as “a revolutionary leap forward in aesthetic technology.” This new piece of equipment makes a surgery-free double chin reduction possible! The EMFace treatment is specifically designed to lift and tighten the area under the jaw, ideal for people who do not want to undergo invasive surgery or do not have the time for a lengthy recovery at home.

The EMFace Submentum is designed to fit comfortably on the chin area where it targets and tightens the skin. And much like the original EMFace, it does this without needles, scalpels, anesthesia, scars, swelling, or bruising. Sounds too good to be true but believe it. The EMFace Submentum treatment makes it simple and easy to eliminate unwanted chin fat using a combination of HIFES muscle stimulation and synchronized radiofrequency. The treatment perfectly targets deep tissue, tightening every layer of the chin and neck area from the superficial layer of the skin to the underlying muscles.


The new applicator provides some impressive benefits, including:

EMface icon showing 20 minutes, hands free for the full face.
92.8 %
EMface icon showing 20 minutes, hands free for the full face.


EMface is the first needle-free and non-surgical device to deliver an instant facelift. It administers radiofrequency (RF) energy to smooth out wrinkles, tone facial muscles, and overall lift the face. EMface provides optimal facial toning and sculpting without pain or downtime. HIFES and RF energy work in tandem to boost collagen and elastin in the treatment site(s).
EMface icon showing how the applicator penetrates into the layers of fat under the skin.
EMface icon showing how the applicator penetrates into the layers of fat under the skin.
EMface icon showing how the applicator penetrates into the layers of fat under the skin.


Wrinkle Reduction
Increase Muscle Tone
Lifting Effect
Increase in Collagen
EMface results are incredible. More than 90% of patients reported noticing improvements in facial volume after the procedure. They also observe:

Most of our Beverly Hills patients see these astonishing results after only four sessions. But optimal results typically manifest in 6-12 weeks. Just like with any other aesthetic treatment, results vary per person.*

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EMface non-surgical facelift machines.
Before EMface, people who wanted a facelift would have to resort to plastic surgery. Invasive treatments are effective for treating sagging, loose skin and improving facial features but aren’t without drawbacks. A surgical facelift involves anesthesia, needles, scars, painful recovery, and possible complications.
The good news is that patients no longer have to endure so much pain to look their best. EMface is a safe, non-invasive, non-surgical facelift method for lifting the face and toning facial muscles. You can look your absolute best without surgery! Best of all, EMface is a “lunchtime treatment,” meaning you can schedule it during your lunch break on a work day. Each session takes only 20 minutes.
It is easy to see why so many adults rave about this new advanced cosmetic technology. Compared to plastic surgery, EMface can help you look more youthful without toxins, fillers, needles, or downtime.


Trust and expertise are key when it comes to finding the right provider for your beauty and skincare needs. And that’s what you’ll find at Emana Medical in Beverly Hills! Dr. Eman leads a team of dedicated experts committed to helping you look and feel your best.

Dr. Eman is an experienced doctor known for her incredible insight, knowledge, and caring approach. She takes the time to understand each patient’s unique needs and concerns. In addition, she uses the latest technology and techniques to deliver personalized and effective treatments like EMface. So whether you’re looking for laser treatments or cosmetic injectables, Dr. Eman has the know-how to help you achieve your desired results.

Emana Medical stands out from its competition by providing remarkable customer service. Friendly faces greet you the moment you walk through the door. Emana’s specialists make you feel at ease and ensure your seamless and stress-free experience.

New advancements in skincare emerge every day. Dr. Eman stays ahead of the curve so you get the most up-to-date and effective treatments available. Her techniques help minimize downtime, bruising, swelling, and other common after-effects of cosmetic treatments.

Thousands of repeat clients have trusted Dr. Eman with anti-aging treatments for years. Her patient testimonials and five-star ratings online speak for themselves! With her team’s expertise, care, and modern technology, you’ll leave the spa glowing like never before.

Man looking relaxed wearing the emface pads to achieve a non-surgical facelift.
Black and white image of a woman wearing the EMface applicators to achieve non-invasive facelift.
Woman wears the EMface applicators to firm and tighten skin.
Black and white image of a man wearing the EMface applicator pads.


When Will I See EMface Results?

One of the greatest perks of EMface is instant gratification. Patients notice some improvement right after the EMface treatment. But we recommend several treatments in a 6 to 12-week timeframe for best results.

Can I Lift My Eyes with EMface?

EMface is a versatile device that works around the eyes. It gives a “lateral eye lift,” which means you can lift your eyelids without needles or surgery.

Can EMface Sculpt My Jawline?

Thanks to its muscle-contracting technology, EMface can tone your facial muscles while strengthening them. As a result, patients notice a defined jawline and rejuvenated facial profile.

If I Have Dermal Fillers, Can I Still Get EMface?

EMface is just as effective when used in conjunction with dermal fillers. When you arrive for your consultation with Emana Medical, you can explore using both treatments safely with a trained professional.

How much does emface cost in beverly hills?

EMFace cost differs per person. The best way to get EMface pricing is to contact Emana Medical today. Our team can assess your skin during a consultation, and you can share your cosmetic goals. Then, we will determine whether this new treatment is suitable for your needs and proceed with creating a unique treatment plan that falls within your budget.


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