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Celebrities Using EMFace: Hollywood's New Secret Weapon

Don’t want to go under the knife for an effective facelift? Then, meet EMface, the hottest non-surgical facelift option in Hollywood. Celebrities are flocking to this needle-free solution to maintain their youthful appearance without the downtime of traditional facelifts.

Learn more about EMface, the facelift without surgery, which public figures and Hollywood stars are raving about, and the results you can expect from this treatment.

What Is EMface and How Does It Work?

The aesthetics industry is rapidly advancing. Today, it’s possible to get a facelift without surgery, needles, downtime, or pain.

EMface is an advanced non-invasive facelift option. It relies on cutting-edge technology to target both the muscles and skin of the face. Unlike traditional facelifts, EMface relies on a combination of synchronized radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) energies to deliver a painless experience that tightens, lifts, and tones the face. As a result, patients enjoy restored facial contours and a younger look.

RF and HIFES technologies work to firm and lift the skin while increasing muscle density and structure to support facial tissues. Clinical studies show that EMface creates a lifting effect of up to 22%, reduces wrinkles by 37%, and increases muscle tone by 30%.

Why Are Celebrities Raving About EMface?

Celebrities are swearing by EMface, as it takes the beauty world by storm. And for a good reason—it offers an effective facelift without toxins, fillers, needles, or surgery.

The treatment is quick and easy. Hollywood stars can resume their busy schedules right after. Unlike traditional facelifts, no pain, recovery, or anesthesia is involved. You could even schedule the treatment during your lunch break and return to work in no time!

EMface tightens and tones the skin while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, patients experience improved skin texture, reduced pore size, and even skin tone. In addition, the results are long-lasting, making it an ideal treatment for celebrities to maintain a fresh look.

Public figures love EMface because it offers a more natural-looking facelift. Today, more people strive for the subtle, effortless look—not the “pulled” or unnatural appearance. Another great thing about it is it’s suitable for all skin types and ages. In addition, it treats various concerns, from wrinkles to acne scars, pigmentation, and more.

Which Celebrities Love EMface?

Many Hollywood stars, public figures, and celebrities are raving about it:

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson shared in a video that she has been “kissed by EMface all over.” She invited people to join her on a journey as she underwent the non-invasive skin-tightening treatment. From the moment the treatment began, Simpson expressed feeling a range of sensations, from getting “chill bumps” to kicking it up a notch.

Simpson was impressed by how comfortable the treatment was and how easy it was to incorporate it into her busy lifestyle. She praised the facelift for being painless and couldn’t believe how quickly it was over. At the end of her treatment, she noticed an improvement in her skin.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone was drawn to EMface for its non-invasive approach, skipping the downtime and side effects of surgery or injectables. She appreciated that nothing was going into her body during the treatment. Instead, she described it as a workout for her face—a way to tighten and tone her skin without drawbacks.

Silverstone saw a notable change in her skin’s texture and tone. She felt refreshed after the treatment and loved the natural-looking results.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson was one of the first to try EMface. She tried it as soon as it launched before attending a premiere. The excitement was real because she even convinced her girlfriend Ramona Agruma to try it.

Wilson shared her experience on Instagram, taking her followers along the journey. She explained that the treatment feels warm at first, then there’s a slight microcurrent sensation. Following the treatment, Wilson reported her forehead was smooth, and her cheekbones were “snatched.”

Overall, Wilson’s experience with EMface was a positive one. She enjoyed the results and felt confident and beautiful on her big night out. Her followers couldn’t help but notice the difference in her appearance. It’s no wonder why EMface is quickly becoming a go-to for those looking for a non-invasive and painless facelift.

Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan was delighted to try EMface, remarking, “I love a new beauty treatment, especially when it’s all-natural and feels futuristic.” She told her followers on Instagram that she’d “try anything once when it comes to beauty.” In the end, she was thrilled with the results and encouraged others to try it for themselves.

Drea de Matteo

Drea de Matteo refreshed her appearance with EMface and was proud to share that she didn’t need to get Botox, fillers, or surgery to look amazing. She mentioned previously trying other non-invasive treatments like Morpheus and Forma. But now, she’s a loyal EMface user, calling it a “magic face machine.”

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From This Non-Surgical Facelift?*

As with any cosmetic treatment, results differ per person.* Some patients may observe positive changes as early as after their first session. But most notice optimal effects around eight to twelve weeks after the fourth treatment. Therefore, we typically recommend a complete treatment plan of four sessions for our patients. To maximize your results, make sure you have the best Emface aftercare routine in place.

EMface in Beverly Hills, CA

Emana Medical offers the latest in non-surgical facelift technology with EMface in Beverly Hills, CA. If you’re looking for an effortless and quick facelift without surgery, we can help! Our team uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure the best outcome for each patient.

Men and women in Greater Los Angeles trust us with their cosmetic treatments. Call 310-878-4321 to schedule your free consultation today. Discover how EMface can give you the refreshed, youthful appearance you desire, just like your favorite celebrities

Dr. Eman Abdallah
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