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EMface vs. Botox: Which Is Better for You?

The facial appearance is one of the most common concerns people have as they age. Both EMface and Botox are excellent treatments for combating aging effects. They’re non-surgical treatments that reduce wrinkles and restore lost volume. Regardless of which treatment you choose, you’ll be in and out within the hour and have no downtime.

Though EMface and Botox share similarities, they shine in unique ways. Let’s explore both and identify their differences. From there, you can make an informed choice for your circumstance and cosmetic goals.

What Is EMface?

EMface is a non-invasive and painless treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) and HIFES energies to stimulate facial muscles. It’s an FDA-cleared device that lifts, tones, tightens, and firms loose skin. Patients who want to avoid needles or are allergic to botulinum toxin turn to EMface to look younger.

Understanding Emface

EMface is a handheld device that emits radiofrequency and HIFES energies into your skin to tighten underlying muscles. It causes intense muscle contractions, and you may feel a heating sensation during the treatment. But it should be tolerable.

This innovative device encourages muscle formation without damaging surrounding tissues. EMface is ideal for targeting the brows, cheeks, and around the mouth. Some patients may use EMface with Botox depending on their cosmetic goals.

In contrast to Botox, EMface doesn’t hurt. Since there are no needles involved, patients can sit back and relax as if they were receiving a hot stone massage. You can get facelift results without dealing with needles. The lack of pain and ease of treatments is commonly citated by celebrities using EMface.

EMface Before and After*

Compared to Botox, EMface is still in its infancy. So, prospects often want to know what to expect from the treatment before trying it. Our patients’ before and after images showcase the most impressive results possible. Each person enjoys natural-looking yet attractive results. They experience a more contoured, toned, and lifted face. Common anti-aging signs like wrinkles and creases become less pronounced. As with any aesthetic treatment, results are different per person.*

What to Expect from EMface*

EMface sessions take 20 minutes, which makes it easy for busy people to fit appointments in during lunch breaks. We recommend getting four treatments once a week for optimal anti-aging results. After completing your treatment plan, you’ll enjoy EMface’s benefits for 6-12 months. As always, results may vary.*

How Does Botox Differ from EMface?

Now that we’ve covered EMface, the needle-free procedure, let’s take a closer look at Botox. This popular anti-aging treatment is an injection that prevents your facial muscles from contracting. Men and women use Botox to mitigate wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and mouth.

People love Botox because it can make them look years younger within minutes. But the effects are not as long-lasting as EMface. Compared to EMface, which lasts 6-12 months, Botox lasts only 3-4 months. Though, there are ways to make your Botox results last longer.

This means you’ll need to return for additional treatments much sooner. In addition, Botox and EMface results differ for each patient, like any cosmetic treatment.

How Botox Works

Unfortunately, years of squinting, laughing, and frowning cause wrinkle formation. Botox is a temporary treatment that uses neurotoxins to relax facial muscles, which smooths them out, so they do not pull on your skin. It also encourages elastin and collagen production, which are vital for plump and smooth skin.

Botox is effective for treating forehead lines, crow’s feet, smile lines, and frown lines. After receiving injections, you may experience mild redness. This effect is mild and should dissipate within a few days.

If you’ve never gotten Botox before and have a low pain tolerance, you may feel some pain. But it gets better as your body becomes accustomed to it. Let your injection specialist know if you’re sensitive to needles so they can take steps to ensure you’re comfortable.

Botox Before and After*

Viewing Botox before and after photos of our real patients can give you an idea of what to expect. Compare these transformations with the EMface ones to see which matches your aesthetic goals. Clients with brow furrows, crow’s feet, and forehead lines experience a refreshing improvement after getting Botox. Personal results vary but choosing a reputable provider can ensure top-notch results.*

Typical Botox Sessions

Like EMface, Botox sessions don’t take long to complete. A skilled provider can get you in and out within minutes depending on how many areas you’re treating.

EMface vs. Botox: Which Is Better?

When deciding between EMface vs. Botox, it’s important to consider your cosmetic goals. If you want a treatment that smooths, tones, lifts, and firms the skin, then EMface is the perfect choice for you. By contrast, if you desire more volume and fewer wrinkles, then Botox may be a better fit. Botox relaxes overactive muscles beneath your skin to create a smoother appearance.

Many of our patients prefer EMface because there’s less maintenance. A single session can deliver long-term results that last for 6-12 months. Those who choose Botox must return for maintenance appointments every 3-4 months.

EMface is a cutting-edge procedure that has gained popularity recently due to its effectiveness in lifting the face without surgery. But unlike more established treatments like Botox, it is still undergoing clinical trials and research. On the other hand, Botox is widely known, and most people tolerate it well. Those who aren’t worried about needles prefer to stick with the tried-and-true injectable and enjoy the many benefits of Botox.

If you are still unsure which procedure is best for your skin type and condition, visit Emana Medical. One of our skin experts can assess your skin and learn about your goals. Then, we can customize a treatment plan to help you reach them.

Anti-Aging Treatments in Beverly Hills, CA

Ready to treat yourself to top-of-the-line anti-aging treatments? Emana Medical is a top-rated facility offering EMface and Botox in Beverly Hills, CA. Our team goes above and beyond to meet all patient needs. Let us restore your youth with modern techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Call (310) 878-4321 to book a free consultation today.

Dr. Eman Abdallah
I am a board-certified physician specializing in Aesthetics, Anti-aging, and Laser surgery. With a keen eye for perfection, I excel in non-surgical and minimally invasive facial and body enhancement procedures. Known as a modern-day beauty magician, I love to deliver instant WOW factor to my clients, creating contoured facial features that appear natural. I strive to stay up-to-date with the latest beauty trends and advancements, offering advanced cosmetic procedures using Botox, fillers, threads, plasma, and more. Additionally, I provide personalized skincare solutions through my medical-grade skincare line, EMANA Medical Skincare.


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